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Appointment Scheduling Procedures Fife Terminal



American Fast Freight has newly defined receiving and Appointment Scheduling Procedures Fife Terminal in Fife, WA.  Please see our instructions below.

1.) Please direct any questions or concerns to our Dispatch/Traffic/Transportation Department.

2.) American Fast Freight Fife terminal is now scheduling appointments for received loads.  All other loads will be loaded on a first come, first served basis.

3.) Appointments need to be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance.  Appointments can by made at 253-926-5034 or by email our Receiving Office.

4.) Information Needed to Book an Appointment (See our Appointment Quick sheet)

  • Contact person and information
  • Dry/Reefer/Flatbed
  • Piece(s), Pallet (s), Drum(s), etc.  count & weight
  • Time they are looking for
  • Consignee information when available
  • Vendor
  • Inbound carrier (Pro# is a plus)*Customer’s that contact the booking desk to schedule pickup or who have a standing pickup schedule do not need to make appointments.

5.) Hours for Appointments and Delivery

Mon – 6AM to 3:30PM
Tue – 6AM to 5:30PM
Wed – 5AM – 1PM
Thur – 6AM to 5:30PM
Fri – 5AM to 1PM

Mon – 6AM to 3:30PM
Tue – 6am – 3:30PM
Wed – 5AM to 12PM
Thur – 6AM to 3:30PM
Fri – 5AM to 12PM

Mon – 8AM to 3:30PM
Tue – 7:30AM to 3:30PM
Wed – 7:30AM – 1PM
Thur – 7:30AM to 3:30PM
Fri – 7:30AM to 1PM

6.) To receive the driver must have a Bill of Lading with these required fields complete. (See our BOL Quick sheet)

  • Origin/Shipper Company, Bill to and Consignee:
    • Names, Addresses, Cities, States, Zips & Phone #s
  • Notify Upon Arrival Party (if applies)
    • Names, Addresses, Cities, States, Zips & Phone #s
  • Charges:
    • Prepaid, collect, 3rd party, driver collect, cash on delivery (cash or certified)
  • Quote number and reference number’s – as required on the invoice for payment (if applies)
    • PO/Order/Shipper #
  • Shipment Details
    • Number of units I.E Pallets, pieces, etc.
    • Description and class
    •  Weight
      • AFF may verify and/or reweight packages to verify stated weights
  • Hazardous material information
  • Signature

7.)  Notify AFF, on a separate Bill of Lading, per item that requires unique temperatures.  If you have any questions regarding Appointment Scheduling Procedures Fife Terminal, please reach out to our Receiving Office at the contact info at 253-926-5034 or by email Receiving Office.

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