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Truck Driving Championship – WTA 2017


Congratulations to our four participants of this year’s Washington Trucking Association (WTA) 2017 Truck Driving Championship (TDC).  For only being AFF’s second year in total attendance, we had a great turn out and lots of support for our guys.  Although our Washington drivers fell just short of qualifying for nationals; we did have one driver, Joe Bearden, who placed 1st in Pre-Trip. It was a 7-way tie which was ultimately determined by Joe’s better time; he beat the closest competitor by 51 seconds.  Congratulations Joe and it was awesome to see our guys take their time and put in great effort.

WTA 2017 National Truck Driving Championship

June 17th, 2017 Reddaway Terminal

Truck Driving Championship - WTA 2017

American Fast Freight Competitors (Washington)
Joe Bearden Ryan Hanson Howard Johnson Mark Wilson
Flat Bed Class Flat Bed Class 5-Axle Class

5-Axle Class


Photo LTR: Brian Wine (Dispatch), Mark Wilson (Driver), Ryan Hanson (Driver), Joe Bearden (Driver), Howard Johnson (Driver)

Overall the team performed tremendously well against a total competitor pool of 100+ participants.  Big companies like FedEx and Walmart littered the ranks with several entrants.  The competition was fierce allowing very little room for error, with merit awarded in points based on mere inches.  For most of the drivers they’ve seen several trips to these Championships and not too many rookies get to compete.

TDC 2017

The Truck Driving Championship is an annual championship where drivers, who qualify at the state level championship, can get invited to the national competition.  This year’s national competition will be the 80th Anniversary being held in Orlando, Florida.  The competition has a long history dating back to 1937 when it was previously known as the “National Truck Roadeo”.  In total, there are eight classes of competition where drivers demonstrate their skills in inspection, knowledge, and professionalism through a series of Olympic-like competition events.  The overall goal for the competition is to promote operator safety. It is known in the industry as the “Super Bowl of Safety” where drivers undergo a written exam, personal interview, pre-trip inspection and a skills test.  To even be considered drivers must be accident-free for at least one year prior to the competition.  For many companies it’s seen as a great incentive to keep their drivers accident-free as well as a recognition program.  Many drivers have millions of accident-free miles to their credit.

See more details about the TDCs here

80th Anniversary National Truck Driving Championships

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