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July 4th Schedule AFF Companies


The following changes will be in effect the week during the 4th of July holiday. Please plan accordingly.

All AFF terminals will be closed Monday, July 4th.  Alaska and Hawaii deliveries will be very limited on July 4th, and must be made by special arrangement.

Alaska Sailings:
Fife No sailing schedule changes.  Receiving hard cut-off will be Wednesday at noon for Wed departure to AK.
Alaska No sailing schedule changes.

Hawaii Sailings:
Fife No sailing schedule changes.
San Leandro  No sailing schedule changes. Receiving cut-off will be 4pm Friday for Tues departure to Hawaii.
Carson Matson will depart Wed 7/6 and Pasha Thur 7/7 in the evening. Receiving cut-off will be Tuesday at noon for Wed departure to Hawaii.
Honolulu No sailing schedule changes.

Puerto Rico Sailings:
Jacksonville  No sailing schedule changes.  Receiving cut-off will be Monday at 10am.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your freight, please reach out to your transportation consultant or our customer service group at 800-642-6664