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Delayed Sailing Notice Update – 1/19


Updated 1/19/18

Tote Maritime’s Midnight Sun 18009 departed Tacoma last night. We currently anticipate a Sunday 1900 work start in Anchorage and will have the following changes to our operational schedule:


Anchorage Terminal and Office:


Sunday, January 21

Closed: 0800-1300

Lanes Open: 1300-1640 (Closed 1640-1900)

Lane Re-open: 1900-2330

Work Start: 1900

Cargo cut-off: 2100 for voyage 18010



Matson Update

Matson Anchorage – MAC064N

Delayed sailing Tacoma due to a major winter storm system off the Pacific Northwest coast, MAC064N departed Tacoma last night and is en route to Anchorage.  Based on the current weather outlook, we plan an 0800 start in Anchorage on Monday, January 22.

MAC064 will call Kodiak prior to returning to Tacoma.


Matson Kodiak – MKD067N


Matson Kodiak is en route to Tacoma and will arrive on Saturday morning, January 20, with cargo operations beginning immediately upon arrival.  Our current ETD Tacoma is early Sunday morning, with an ETA Anchorage of 1000 Wednesday, January 24.


We will update the Anchorage ETA once the vessel departs Tacoma.


MKD067 will call Kodiak and Dutch Harbor prior to returning to Tacoma for the vessel’s next departure.


These projections are based on current weather information.  We will provide updated information if the outlook changes.


***Posted 1/18/18***

Due to a severe winter storm system which has developed over the Pacific Northwest, our water carriers have postponed the sailing of the following vessels in an attempt wait out the storm for the safety of personnel and your cargo.  Please see details below:

  • Tote Maritime Midnight Sun Voyage 18010
  • Matson Anchorage MAC064N (Will call on Kodiak prior to returning to Tacoma)
  • Matson Kodiak MKD067N (Will call on Kodiak and Dutch Harbor prior to returning to Tacoma)

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