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Departure Delay – Matson Tacoma MTC067N – 2/5


*** We have just been notified by our carrier partner Matson of a schedule change which also impacts the delivery of some shipments.  Please see their official communication below. ***


Dear Valued Customers,

The repairs on the Matson Tacoma were completed and the vessel is enroute to Anchorage.

At this time we plan a 0300 cargo operations start in Anchorage on Thursday, February 8, with cargo available at 0400.  The gate will be open from start and through operations.

Please be reminded Matson Tacoma will call on Kodiak prior to her return to Tacoma, but will bypass Dutch Harbor on Friday, February 9.  Dutch Harbor loads currently on MTC067N will be discharged in Anchorage and will be loaded to MKD069N, arriving in Dutch Harbor on Friday, February 16.

If you have any issues or concerns please reach out to your Transportation Consultant or call Customer Service at (800) 642-6664.