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[Resolved] Fife Terminal Power Outage – 1/7

***Effective 1:30 PM PST, full power has been restored to the Fife Terminal.  All impacted business functions have returned to normal operating capacity.  If you have questions please contact Customer Service at (800) 642-6664.***
Dear Valued Customer,
Please be advised, due to severe wind storms in the region over the weekend, the Fife Terminal is experiencing a partial power outage.  Generators on site are allocating power to support required reefer operations and information system functions.  As we are bringing more generators online, Customer Service and other departments might be delayed in responding to requests.
We are working with local utility authorities to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and we will provide updates when the situation changes.
If you have any questions regarding your shipments, please contact your transportation consultant.


Thank you for shipping with us!


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