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TOTE Maritime Alaska Vessel Delay


Today we were notified that there will be a TOTE Maritime Alaska vessel delay.  Due to unforeseen circumstances including the weather delay, an electrical failure that has been repaired and a scheduled ILWU stop work meeting, the TOTE Maritime vessel North Star, will not be able to keep its planned schedule.  The vessel that would normally sail Wednesday, February 10th, will NOT sail as expected from the Port of Tacoma.  The normal Friday vessel has a planned on time departure.

At this time, TOTE Maritime Alaska is expecting the normal Wednesday sailing of the North Star vessel to resume on time next Wed, February 17th.  With one less vessel traveling north to Alaska this week, some cargo will not make this sailing.  As before, critical items such as medical supplies and foodstuffs will be moving first.  We are working directly with both ocean carriers to move as much cargo as possible.  We will keep you up to date of any further information regarding the delayed vessel as it becomes available.

If you have questions about specific shipments, please feel free to reach out to your transportation consultant or our customer service department at 253-926-5075.