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KFF Waiver Form

Keep From Freezing Service Waiver of Liability

  • As an authorized representative of the company listed below, with authority to enter into this agreement, the company hereby waives Keep From Freezing Protective Service (KFF). By declining KFF, I/WE accept all responsibility for the condition of the product received at its final destination. By waiving KFF the company also agrees to hold American Fast Freight, Inc., harmless against any and all damage or loss asserted by Company, and further agrees to defend and indemnify American Fast Freight against any claims filed by any other party, due by freezing of the product. We understand that this waiver encompasses the time period beginning on October and ending approximately in April, depending on weather conditions.
  • Note: In the absence of a signed/dated waiver, American Fast Freight, Inc. will provide KFF protective service and invoice for the coverage provided at our published rates.