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KFF Waiver Termination Form

Keep From Freezing Service Waiver of Liability Termination Form (Opt-In)

  • As an authorized representative of the Company listed below, with authority to enter into and terminate agreements on behalf of the Company, I/WE hereby determine “Keep From Freezing” (KFF) protective service is required for the shipment of our commodity/s. On behalf of the Company, I/WE hereby officially terminate the KFF Waiver Agreement entered with American Fast Freight, Inc. effective the date listed below and I/WE agree to any related KFF service charges to keep commodity/s protected from the effective date forward.
  • Please enter the date you wish to terminate the waiver agreement and start KFF service.
  • Note: American Fast Freight, Inc. will provide KFF protective service and invoice for the coverage provided at our published rates.